The little book of Clarity | By Jamie Smart

Clarity is the source of authentic leadership and high performance. It allows us to be present in the moment, and have an enjoyable experience of life. A sense of purpose, direction and entrepreneurial spirit are natural for people with a clear head. So are happiness, freedom, security, love, confidence and peace of mind. 

Insightful understanding often arrives suddenly, but can continue serving and informing you for years to come. It's a natural function of the mind, and has the power to make the changes that matter in your life. Insight is the key to reconnecting you with your mind's self-clearing capacity.

1OO% of our experience of reality is mind-made. If a person believes they need X, Y or Z in order to feel A, B or C, then they will experience that as a perceptual reality. That's how powerful Thought is.

As clarity emerges, it becomes self-evident. We naturally tend to be less concerned with the form of our thinking, and more aligned with what's creating it. 

 The moment we insightfully see that 100°/o of our feeling is coming from Thought in the moment (and not from anything other than that), feelings of stress diminishing and clarity starts emerging.

When you have clarity, you realize you have what you need to respond appropriately and deal with what comes your way.

The future belongs to those who are willing to go one step further than that, and start influencing their employees’ and clients’ levels of clarity; thier embodied understanding of how life works. 

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