Your Money Mindset

You've heard it before, and it's true. Money—or the lack thereof—can be a source of stress, anxiety, and even depression. And sometimes, it doesn't matter how much money you have or don't have: if your mindset is unhealthy, it can affect your finances in a negative way.

Your money mindset is what gets you to make the right or wrong decisions about saving, spending, and handling money. You establish your mindset from years of personal experiences or passed along by close family members. It doesn't matter how you got to your Money Mindset what's important is to redefine it to a mindset that will help you reach your goals


Take the Financial Time Money Quiz to know yourself

This is another one to know your money mindset (scarcity / abundant) Money Mindset Quiz: Do You Have Rich or Poor Beliefs? - Abundance Coach for Women in Business | Evelyn Lim



10 Steps to have the right Money Mindset:

  1. Forgive your past money mistakes

  2. Change your story (I’m not good with money)

  3. Practice Gratitude for what you have (الحمدالله)

  4. Know your Worth and NetWorth ( If you need help in this department Book A Session)

  5. Have faith that things can change

  6. Read Books (Check the list below)

  7. Take small steps

  8. Spend on what important to you

  9. No more complaining about our finances

  10. Visualize your success


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