You’ve made the first step towards planning and organizing your future. Now choose your direction, is it Online Courses or Consultations.

  • Online Courses

    If you ever wanted to feel free from your job or at least have the financial freedom to take the break you need but you don’t have all your financial figured out. If you want to invest but don’t know where to start this online course is for you.

  • Consultations

    Some people have this gift of knowing what they want and how to get it. While others are not so fortunate and they sometime wonder through life aimless.

    You are in the right place if you want to get your life and finances in order to reach your dreams. It requires work, dedication.

It all started when…

Following the loss of my initial business, I pursued a career in the private sector. Despite this, my desire to create something of my own persisted. Edge Elements emerged after two years of conceptualizing while working in the private sector.

Today I left the corporate world to focus on Edge Elements and myself, as a discussion it wasn’t easy but I think this is the right step to be mindful in the next chapter of my life.

Edge Elements the concept

Inspired by Simon Sinek's books, I combined my passion for planning and stationary with financial knowledge to create a unique product.

I knew nothing about how to create stationary so I turned on the learning mode, and travel to London to source the best factory for my new Product. The other part was addressing the need to prioritize financial organizing and including it in our goal setting process and this is how Edge Elements came to life.

Edge Elements focus on Life, Finances, and Work. Discover yourself, Figure out Dreams, and Do the work. Set life goals while living the life you want.