Edge Elements The Concept

Edge Elements The Concept


There is power in knowing yourself, and being aware of the driving force that is called inner-self. Each of us no matter who you are has a gift that is unique to you, you either find it early in life and utilize it or you might not do the work to know yourself better and wonder in life aimlessly.

That all depends on you…

There are so many personality tests out there (https://www.16personalities.com) is one of them but what we are suggesting is to take the time to know your Values, Strengths, Joy, Style, and Financial Situation to have a clear understanding where you stand and whats truly important to you and help you simplify your decisions.

From a financial situation there are six stages of financial well-being, where do you stand?

  1. Chaos

  2. Avoidance

  3. Awareness

  4. Stability

  5. Freedom

  6. Independence



It’s time to create a vision for yourself. Without an overall picture of how you’d like your life to look. Don’t be afraid to dream big, and be as detailed as possible. Dream without limitations.



Now it’s time to create a strategy. Having a vision is crucial, but without designing clear goals to hold yourself accountable to, it means nothing. Don’t wait for things to happen, go and do them. Tick off your bucket list. Wake up every day with energy. Make room for the things that make you feel alive. Your life does not get better by chance, it hets better by change.

  • Establish your Morning/Evening routines

  • Set one year Life, Work, Money goals

  • Set up a spending plan

  • Set up all your funds

  • Build an investment strategy

Anything is possible, you just have to be willing to commit to it. Financial independence depends on you.

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