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If you haven't booked an appointment go do that first 

If you ever felt overwhelmed with all your money issues (in debt - don’t know how to save - don’t know how to invest - don’t know what you want) this one hour consultation will help you set the right financial plan for you. 


Few things to know to make the most of this hour: 

  1. Prepare all the information needed as asked in the consultation booking form 
  2. Go to a quiet place you need all the concentration you have
  3.  Make sure you acutely do the work after words 

Prepare all this information before the meeting to insure you get the full hour without wasting significant time going over them. 


What you will receive from this session:

  1. Edge Money Dashboard “Customized
  2. Guidance on how to manage your money 
  3. A customized Financial Plan
  4. 10 minutes follow up call

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