You’re not broke you’re pre-rich | By Emilie Bellet

Money is so central to our lives that it literally controls and governs us all, and because of its all-pervasive role, most of us spend most of our time trying very hard not to think about it; or even try to actively ignore it.


A big goal for most of us is to save for retirement. But a lot of people don’t start, why? Because the goal can seem so big that it feels overwhelming. Once you know what you are dealing with, you can set a goal and make a plan to change the behavior. If you don't believe in yourself, you may not believe you can earn more, or save more. Wealth is personal, and we should all have our own definition of what being worthy is. Wealth For me is a support...


Money has the power to change our lives, it can unlock personal potential because it has power, and influences so many aspects of our society. Once you are in charge of your finances, you can decide to be better with money.

A study by Cambridge University discovered that money really can buy happiness but only when the spending fits our personality

Your net worth is a snapshot of your financial state of affairs and therefore your economic position. it’s normally referred to what you own minus what you owe. it will tell you how much money you would have left if you were to sell all your assets and do you pay all your debts today.


Understanding your current situation is a good place to start, so you can see what can be improved.

Where do you start? 

Build an emergency saving net

Pay off some of your debt

Reduce your spending

save some money

grow your savings by investing


If money is a source of stress, working with a professional advisor could also boost your confidence. Also having a plan will allow you to achieve more, more quickly – especially when it comes to your finances. By planning ahead for how much you will need if you want to achieve your dreams, and by understanding what financial position you need to be to buy a property or retire early, you will develop a clear plan of action and peace of mind. When you have a plan with actual figures you gain both clarity and confidence. Without numbers and timelines, Your goals are not realistic it is hard to reach a goal if you don’t know whether you’re close to it or how to achieve it.

It’s time to take charge and to decide on the life you want, and then to do everything you can to achieve it. So if you are interested you can book a consultation and get a customize financial plan ( BOOK )

The money that will make or break our dreams is already in our hands, because what we do today with our cash affect how we live our life tomorrow.

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