Being Boss | By Kathleen and Emily

Your dream is you’re calling. You can choose to answer or not. Either way, you have to own the outcome. Which outcome do you choose to live with for the rest of your life?


What do you value?

The core of the boss mindset is your values and your intentions. Your values are the guideline principles that direct you through life, helping you prioritize what’s important to you and stay true to who you are. Your intentions are the purpose that you give to your actions, helping you infuse every move you make with meaning. When your values and intentions are aligned, your work and life will feel efficient, effective, and meaningful. Once your vision is clear all you need to do is map out the path to get there.


Confidence is a practice 

Often the people we consider to be fearless are just as scared as the rest of us but would give them a confident edge is that they know what they want and they have the courage to move through their fear.


Money and boundaries 

Feeling like you have enough starts with getting incredibly clear on what makes you happy. When we can let go of those ”should” ideas about happiness and get really, really clear on what makes us happy, it's easier to fill our lives with those happy-making things no matter what our income is.


Schedule Everything 

How do we make time for all the stuff that we do? It's as simple as this: we put it on our calendar. If it doesn't get scheduled, it's not happening. Try scheduling everything that is none negotiable (like your workout or quality time with your kids). Then layer in your work and meetings on top of that. Then live by your calendar.


List-Making Magic 

By creating lists for yourself, you reduce the time you have to spend figuring out what to do next because the answer is right in front of you on your list. (Weekly To-Do List, Project Task List, Grocery List, Want List, and Idea List).


Morning Routine 

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day it’s your job to set your day up for success.


Your Dream Day

imagine you are five years in the future, far enough ahead that the kinds of limits and attitudes that hold you back now are no longer in place. Your money, Your relationships, and health are all in tip-top shape. Everything is damn near perfect. I want you to describe your dream is they in this world from beginning to end. Imagine that time is no object and you can fit as much or as little into your day as you’d like. Good to do what your feelings, tasting, smelling, touching, and seeing as you go through your day. it’s easy to let yourself limiting believes creep into place why do you do this. If you find yourself saying, well or what or that couldn’t be because, While doing this exercise lighten up everything and anything is possible here.



 Nonnegotiable help you create steadfast boundaries, habits, and routines for the things in your life that are of the utmost priority. Nonnegotiable is often make everything else in your life run smoothly - if your nonnegotiable is neglected or broken nothing else seems to work quite right.


Personal Branding

The reality is that people work with people, and who you are is an asset to your business. It’s not enough to have a service or a product to sell you have to communicate what it is you do and make a memorable first impression on your potential dream client. That’s branding, and it’s a huge part of how you will make money doing what you love.


You find success when you stop letting fear and bad vibes get you down.


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