A Good Failure

A Good Failure

Not sure if there is such a thing as a good failure but failure is when you learn the most about your mistakes and weakness areas that needs improvement. I'm very competitive person so failure wasn't something I considered ok and it took me around two years to get over my failure in my first real business (Boutique Edge).  

First of all I started in the worst timing of all, I was pregnant with my first child (I would not recommend anyone to start a business and have a baby) yah it was the first mistake.  I was too tired to do anything, even when I tried to do anything it was wrong, my judgment was compromise with all the hormonal imbalances I was dealing with. 

Second I started with a lot of expenses and a small capital that wouldn't last a year, it was a miracle that I actually kept the business running for four years. 

Third and the most important part, I started alone with no team just me and a baby in my belly. The business would have been successful even with the two issues above but without a team I wouldn't had the chance. Don't ever think that you can do it alone (only if you are a freelancer without any intentions to grow your business).

So after analyzing myself and the books I've read about business and success I found that I lacked an important element which is mindset. So before I start any new business I have master these steps first:

  1. Be very informed in the know how of the business.
  2. Start small, with lower costs.
  3. Find your team.
  4. Have at least an income or savings for your personal expenses, believe me this will effect your mindset and how you make decisions.
  5. Solve a problem with your business.

Now it might be a small list but start even if it's not perfect just start with low expenses and test the market. I'm starting over with a new project, I'm creating a platform for working women to connect and find what they need to help them in their pursuit.  


Find your edge...

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